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WEBINARS - The business of sport

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The business of Sport


Professor and director of Eurasian Sport - emLyon business school

Professor Simon Chadwick works at the intersection of sport, business, politics and technology, specifically in the context of Eurasia. With more than 25 years-experience working in some of the world’s leading business schools, he has apublished extensively and has worked with some of the biggest names in sport. He is widely acknowledged as a leading commentator on contemporary issues in elite professional sport.

Business, politics, entertainment and beyond – what City Football Group tells us about elite professional sport in the 21st century -

Thursday 2th of April - 5pm

Many football fans will know Manchester City as one of the English Premier League’s most successful clubs of recent seasons. Yet City is only one of a number of clubs in a growing global franchise network that now includes others in countries including China and India. Each of these clubs is owned, either wholly or in part, by the City Football Group (CFG), which itself is jointly owned by investors from Abu Dhabi, China and the United States. It is from within this ownership group that one can identify the goals and ambitions both of individual investors and of those leading and managing the club. As such, CFG is a sports organisation, but also an entertainment business and a political instrument through which relationships are established and maintained. This presentation will examine CFG’s ownership, strategy and business model, paying particular attention to the political context within which it operates as well as the aspirations its managers have to reposition and establish itself as an entertainment business.

Managing Global Sports Sponsorship Programs (Q&A with Coca Cola and Heineken)

Wednesday 8th of April - 3pm

Q&A Hosted by Professor Simon Chadwick with:
Benjamin Blanco, Global Sponsorship Lead at Heineken
Ricardo Fort, VP, Global Sports & Entertainment Partnerships at Coca-Cola
Two of the world’s leading sponsorship professionals will be answering questions about the sponsorship industry, how sponsorship programs are organized and managed, and what it takes to build a successful career in the sponsorship industry.

The role of soft power in sport

Thursday 16th of April - 2pm

This seminar will examine the notion of soft power, and explore how countries have engaged sport as a means through which to create and exert soft power. Particular reference will be made to the role that sports sponsorship plays in the projection of soft power. Among the examples used will be that of the airline industry and the use it makes of sponsorship in football.

Sport policy in Asia - where business meets politics

Thursday 23rd of April - 2pm

This seminar will examine the sport policies now being implemented across Asia. Most potently symbolised by nations in the Gulf region, many of which have formulated national visions focused upon sport, the presentation will highlight the economic and industrial, socio-cultural, and political foundations upon which these policies are built.

Women’s Football

Saturday 25th of April - 3pm

As women’s football continues to prosper, both on and off the field, this Q&A brings together some of Europe’s leading players to discuss the past, present and future of the sport. Taking part will be:
Arianna Criscone, Paris Saint Germain
Hallbera Gisladottir, Valur
Laura Giuliani, Juventus
The Q&A will be hosted by Professor Simon Chadwick, Director of Eurasian Sport, emlyon

China's global football ambitions

Thursday 30th of April - 2pm

This seminar will examine why and how China is aiming to become a leading FIFA nation by 2050. Following President Xi’s announcement that his country should focus more on the development of its football, significant investment has taken place both internally and externally, resulting in everything from a growing number of overseas club owners from China to increasing numbers of football sponsors from within the country’s business community.

Engaging football fans - what this means and how it is achieved

Thursday 7th of May - 2pm

This seminar will examine what it means when football fans are engaged. The presentation will analyse engagement in terms of a three-stage process: motives, attitudes and behaviours, and will also highlight the significance of customer lifetime value in achieving engagement. Particular attention will be paid during the presentation to the engagement of particular groups of football fans in Asia.

How we talk about sport using social media

Thursday 14th of May - 2pm

This seminar will focus on the ways in which fans talk about sport on social media, in particular how networks are created, what these networks look like, and how communications move around these networks. Using data gathered from, amongst other things, English Premier League football, the seminar will highlight key lessons for those associated with managing the social media and communications activities of clubs.

Football on the Gulf region: Q&A

Friday 22nd of May - 3pm

Over the last two decades, the Gulf region has played an increasingly prominent role in global football. Its states now own several overseas clubs, its companies have been among some of the world's biggest spenders on sports sponsorship, and its nations now play host to some of the world's biggest tournaments and matches. To help understand how this happened, what it involves and consequences of the Gulf's football investments, this Q&A brings together some of the world's leading commentators on the subject.

High Performance Management - Q&A with Formula 1 Champion Mika Häkkinen

Friday 5th of June - 4pm

In discussion with Professor Simon Chadwick, double Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen will discuss his career in motorsport, in particular the challenges associated with working in high performance team environments. Hakkinen will also talk about career development and about the competences one needs to become one of the world's leading race car drivers.